Robert Bacon


Seven years ago I moved to Chicago to follow my dreams of pretending on stage while people laugh at me. So far it's gone pretty well. You can check out my show schedule here, my acting reel here, or you can skip all of that and just watch a cat video.


The Delicious Podcast Network is a series of comedy podcasts that I produce that cover topics from mistakes in history to bad films to improv comedy.

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Adam Sandler Please Stop is a retrospective of all of Adam Sandler’s Movies past, present, and unfortunately future that is hosted by two Sandler Fans, Robert Bacon and Marie Maloney.
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Two men, Robert Bacon & Alan Linic, are stranded on a desert island with nothing but a tape recorder. These 8 episodes chronicle their experience on the island.
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Mistakes Were Made is a comedic, historical podcast about mistakes made in history hosted by two guys who were mistakes themselves.
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When I was in grade school I would always get in trouble for talking too much in class. After every single parent teacher conference my father would come home and say, "You need to stop acting like every class is the Robert Bacon Comedy Hour". Well Nothing has changed about me except I've found a better time and place for my material. Find out that better time and place by checking out my performance schedule.

pixel art

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I've always loved video games and no system holds a bigger place in my heart than my old Super Nintendo. I loved that system so much and of course I played endless hours of Super Mario World. A few years ago I started creating pixel art in the style of Super Mario World. I would recreate a city's metro map pixel by pixel and post them on my blog. When sites like Huffington Post, New York Magazine, and Wired started sharing them I decided to make them larger prints.